Tale af Thomas Kentos Bakyayita, som er generalsekretær for Ugandas grønne parti (EPU), samt præsident for Eastern Africa Green Federation (EAGF), holdt ved Klimapåmindelsen ved Christiansborg, 14 marts 2019

“Walking the talk on climate change between hope and lose in EAST Africa”

East Africa or Eastern Africa is the eastern region of the African continent


  • A population of about 442 million and most populated sub region in Africa estimated to have 16% of the world’s human population.
  • It’s about 3 million km2 (including adjacent islands) covering over 6% of Earth’s total surface area

Climate change affects in East Africa

  • Increased hot temperatures (e.g., heat waves), storms, droughts, forest degradation, and rising sea, lake levels, rainfall reduction which has led to further reduce agricultural production, longer growing seasons for crops, changes in the nutritional quality of foods and increase the demand for more land and water to compensate for climate stresses
  • Increased distribution of infectious disease with malaria on the rise in some areas due to changing temperatures and People are sick, dying from water, air and soil pollution.
  • Human action has wiped out on average 60 percent of all wildlife everywhere.

If we want to bring all people to action, it will be good to remind your or my neighbors that there are powerful obstacles to change — which are more ‘bad news’ stories than good news. Deep vested interests are resisting climate action: those are the economies, businesses and political systems dependent on fossil fuels, polluting industries, or biodiversity destruction.

So telling the story well means people are speaking truth because Climate Change is real and different approaches to spotlight solutions is now or never

The first approach is to make sure everyone is sufficiently alarmed, and knows how desperate and urgent the crisis is — so that they act.

The second approach is to give people a sense of hope so that they know what actions to take that will have a strong impact — so that they act.

Our Local, city and national governments must commit to cut carbon, ban pollutants, protect species and replant forests and approved Technological and industrial innovations must relate to cheap renewable energy usage

People are rising up in popular and peaceful protests such as this CLIMATE TALK to pressure policymakers and companies to change direction and this should continue worldwide in all small and big cities if we are to save this planet for the future

As I want to thank the Alternative Party which we are to work with here and in East Africa, We call on Everyone here to work together until we save neutralize the climate change effects.

Thomas Kentos Bakyayita
Secretary General – Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU)
President – Eastern Africa Green Federation (EAGF)